Introducing this website

This website tells the ongoing story of Methodism in Oxford and the surrounding area. Here you can browse through photos, memories, stories and historical information related to the subject.

About us

This website is maintained by the Methodist Church in Oxford and is supported by a group of volunteer editors.

Contributing to the site

You can add a comment about anything on the website by clicking on the ‘Add a comment’ link at the bottom of each page. You can also submit your own photos, stories or information to the site by using our┬ácontribution form.

Why no apostrophe?

After careful deliberation we decided to avoid using an apostrophe in either the name for the website or its address. Bearing in mind that there was more than one Wesley associated with Oxford, we decided there was too much scope for disagreement about where the apostrophe should go. If this annoys you, we apologise, but hope you will still enjoy browsing the site!

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  • Excellent website, particularly about People and particularly about those who lost their lives in war at this time of remembrance

    By Malcol (11/11/2019)

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